Greeting from the Chairman of the Committee

Yohei Hashimoto

In 2019, the Japan Society for Precision Engineering (JSPE) Affiliate has a total of 47 members, with five newly certified members having joined in March. The JSPE Affiliate Committee brings together young researchers and engineers who are expected to make remarkable achievements in precision engineering and the development of the society. It was created in order to build a human network through cross-disciplinary exchange, to further the development of precision engineering and technology, and to further activate the JSPE, in addition to acting as an arena in which young, leading committee members can make an active contribution to the various activities of the society.

The Affiliate System is in its 11th year this year. The sphere of activity for the Affiliates and the Affiliate Committee has expanded even further. The committee mainly works on events that actively provide research and exchange opportunities for the committee members, who are vigorously engaged in research. In observation tours at universities, companies, and other places, and workshops that run, without time limitations, through to the early morning, the Affiliates engage in wide-ranging, deep discussions with peers who have different skills or areas of specialization. These events are a fertile ground where participants can gain clues on how to further develop their own research or get ideas for new research. The committee also works to activate the society by taking advantage of international conferences such as ASPEN and ICPE to have closer exchanges with international researchers and technicians or by running science and technology educational programs for children. The committee also hopes to enhance its activities, so that it may serve as an important arena for the Japan Society for Precision Engineering and the Affiliates themselves.

Last but not least, I would like to express my sincere thanks to the members of the Japan Society for Precision Engineering, and to supporting members and everyone else who is related with the society for their understanding, cooperation, and support of the Affiliates’ activities on a daily basis. We look forward to your continued guidance and support.