About us

Affiliate system

The affiliate system was established in the Japan Society for Precision Engineering (JSPE) in 2008. The purpose of this system is to give the title "JSPE affiliate" to young researchers and engineers who have the potential to make remarkable achievements in the field of precision engineering and in the development of JSPE. The researchers and engineers who have been awarded the title are expected to contribute to the development of precision engineering and technology, as well as actively participate in various activities of JSPE as young leading members of the society.

JSPE affiliate committee

The JSPE affiliate committee consists of the members who are given the JSPE affiliate title. In the committee, the members build networks and improve each other's academic and industrial knowledge. The committee provides opportunities for activities such as international workshops, laboratory tours in companies/universities, and lectures for younger students. In addition, the committee members are trying to find/develop new-generation activities to enhance members' potentials. Through these activities, the members are contributing to the development of JSPE.