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International Communication Banquet

Concurrently with ASPEN2019
Organized by JSPE affiliate

Young Researcher Night 2019

Evening, November, 13th
Restaurant "Shisei" in Kunibiki Messe
Free Banquet

Please register from the application form for ASPEN 2019

Do you want to make your ASPEN experience fulfilling and special?
YRN offers you a great opportunity to meet many excellent researchers from various countries, along with free delicious cuisine. YRN is widely open to all the ASPEN attendees. If you know only a few people in the venue, why don't you come to join YRN? You are welcome. We are waiting for you all with many enjoyable plans for communicating and networking. You will never get bored during this communication banquet.
YRN will make ASPEN 2019 more than just a conference. We are sure that your ASPEN days will be more exciting with many new friends from this banquet!


The details will be announced later.


Young Researcher Night 2019

(top) metal additive manufacturing by Dr. Takeyuki Abe in Saitama University, Japan
(bottom) film actuators by Dr. Daisuke Yamaguchi in Saitama University, Japan